Creationism vs. Evolution –what about ID

January 17, 2010

There is considerable discussion in many places regarding the Creationism – Evolution controversy; however, relatively little discussion about the Intelligent Design (ID) – Evolution controversy. On the other hand, it must be remembered that several Gallup Polls showed that while approximately 40% of Americans believe in Creationism an equal number believe in ID. Moreover, I think the Ev-ID controversy is more serious.

Creationism, of course, denies the existence of the process of evolution; on the other hand, ID accepts the fact of evolution but, because of the argument that life is too complex to have evolved unaided, insists that a supernatural designer/God controlled the Ev process. In my book, I provide biographical sketches of two individuals who were raised as Creationists. Eventually as they matured and began to understand themselves and the world around them, the realized that creationism is a fraud and became rather angry at being duped while growing up. However, both gravitated to ID, not being willing to renounce their belief in God.

It must be emphasized that ID is not just warmed over creationism as many seem to think. ID is quite different. To begin with, the God of ID is not the same as the God of creationism, a simple fact I have never seen articulated. Furthermore, ID accepts the fact of evolution but still requires a belief in supernatural causation which is the nub of the problem. It should be noted that the famous Darby PA trial involved the attempt to insert ID into the education system, not creationism.


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