The Science-Religion Conflict

December 21, 2009

The Creationism, Intelligent Design, Evolution controversy is a significant part of the Science-Religion Conflict which is nicely summarized by this review of scientific and religious activities in 1927:

• Edwin Hubble and associates were discovering and mapping the enormous size and age of the universe.

• Werner Heisenberg and Ernst Schrödinger were developing the correct formulation of quantum mechanics, the explanation of matter, which was known to be comprised of infinitesimally small atoms. •

Phoebus Levene, Fredrick Griffith, William Astbury, and Oswald Avery, among others, were unraveling the mystery of heredity which led to the solution of the mechanism of natural selection.

• John Scopes was found guilty of violating the religiously motivated Butler Law that forbade the teaching of evolution. There was thus, a yawning gap between science and religion, which continues today.